Dear little egg

August 31, 2017

Dear little egg,
Oh little egg, I hope you grow strong and big. I hope I hear your heartbeat. I hope I feel your kicks. I hope in nine months from now I'll walk out of the hospital with you in my arms. Oh, little egg. You were plump, that's what the doctor called you. I thought you were perfect. My perfectly plump egg.
I can't wait to meet you little egg. I really hope I get to. In two weeks time, I hope I get the positive sign - a strong blue line. I hope to be pregnant with you little egg. 

I have clothes picked out. They are folded up and packed away. Just sitting there, waiting for the day to be moved to a dresser in a room just for you. 

Oh little egg, you will know love and be so greatly loved. You will know happiness and joy. You will know safety and faith. You will never be alone, and I will always believe in you.

You are wanted. You are prayed for. You are what I hope for. You are already so loved. Oh, my little egg - please grow big and strong. Love, Your mommy

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