That first pregnancy announcement

February 04, 2018

I'll never forget the moment I knew I was pregnant that first time in May 2016. 

The evening before I read a meme about a giraffe giving birth to a baby or saw a video, something like that. Then that night I had a dream that my boy cat Felix gave birth the same way the giraffe. I'll never forget. I woke right up after that. It was five in the morning on May 1, 2016. It was a Sunday. I had the thought, "I'm pregnant." It also hit me that I hadn't started my period yet. But I just shrugged it off and decided I would take a test when I woke up a couple of hours later. 

So I woke up around eight that Sunday morning. I had some pregnancy tests from my sister Abby. So I rushed into the bathroom and took a test. Oh my word. It was a strong affirmative. I started to shake.  I took a second test. Positive. 

I was shaking as I held the test and I walked into the living room and announced to my husband, Ryan that I was pregnant. Shaking, like shook. At the time we weren't trying, but we also weren't preventing also. 

He was like, "Are you sure?" I did hesitate because I thought the test were expired. So we agreed after church that morning we would go to Walmart and buy a handful of test. 

But before I went to church that morning I texted a picture of the positive test to my sister Ally to show her. In the middle of the church she called me to calm me down and with excitement, of course. (: 

We went to church barely holding in my excitement I was feeling. Even though the test were expired I had a feeling that it was true, I was pregnant. 

So after church we ran to Walmart and bought like five or six different tests. Got home and peed on some sticks. Surely enough, they were all positive. 

So much excitement was felt. Nervousness and fear, too. It was a life changing moment. Ryan was so excited. He was going to be a dad. And I was going to be a mom.

We couldn't even contain it. We decided on multiple ways to tell our parents and off we went to tell Ryan's mom and dad. They were so surprised and excited. 

Then off we went to tell my mom and dad. My mom screamed with glee. 

I'll never forget those moments. It was literally one of the happiest moments of my entire life. My dreams were coming true. I have been planning for a long time that I would be a mama, mom, mother. 

We video taped everyone's reactions. So a few months ago I complied the videos, some photos of Ryan and I, and Rowan's ultrasounds. So I just wanted to share that with y'all. 

Oh, I'll never forget those sweet moments of joy, gratitude, and so, so, so much excitement. 

Oh sweet Rowe, I love you oh so much! 


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