Welcome June

June 03, 2018

Dear June,

Welcome. I am happy to see you.

What a journey we've been on the past two years.

I use to be scared of you;  I didn't look forward to the day when June 1st showed up on my calendar.

But alas, here you are. And I welcome you with open arms.

Pineapple is a sign in the home for welcome. So, here is my pineapple to you.

This month is the launch of Rowan's Bear. It has given me great purpose in my infertility journey.

I was laying in bed today, and the thought came to me, "Starting Rowan's Bear is a way I am able to parent." My heart smiled at that thought.

What I will do my children knows no bounds. 

I am proud to be be my son's mom.

June, you are the month I saw my greatest ultrasound with Rowan. He was jumping, moving and kicking. Ah, my heart melts with love for that little boy I carried.

You are also the month that gave me my greatest heartache.

I have worked to make sure June is not a month of pain remembered.

At the end of the month, Ryan and I will take our annual Rowan's Adventure. We may visit Waco, Texas or just take a trip to the beach. The weekend will include a trip to the zoo. That's a family tradition we have.

I can't wait to celebrate our son.

I will also always celebrate the launch of Rowan's Bear each year. So, thank you for those, June. Those are happy memories.

I don't want to remember this month with sorrow; I want to celebrate my son and my family.

So, thank you June. You have taught me that out of dark days can come our brightest moments.

Rowan and I are only separated for a short time. It won't last forever. But you know what will last forever? My family.

Oh, June.

You have given me heartache; you have given me some of my happiest moments. I have learned, I have grown, and for it all, I am grateful.

Happy day, June!


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