For My Future Children

December 12, 2018

I want to have babies, well even one healthy baby will be good enough for me. This journey of infertility was something I wasn't expecting. I often don't walk it with enough faith, and I often question God (a lot) and ask him why. I don't have answers for everything, but I do have hope though my greatest desire will come to be - to have more children.

I often do things with the wish that they are for my future children. Every now and then, I'll stop by Target or Walmart and purchase a little outfit or a blanket. I was running out of closet space, so I started to do other things for the future kiddos.

I wanted to share some of the things I do in my home to make it a place to raise a family - a place of fun, love and joy.

First, I write a journal to my future children. I don't do it every day, but sometimes when I learn a lesson or want to share a message, I'll write down a few notes to be read some day in the future.

Writing is something I love to do, and so it's what I do for my future babes.

Another thing I do is I collect children's books. One day I will have a book case of books for my child to read. It's just something I recently started doing. I love it though. Whenever I travel, I try to search for a book to buy.

The other thing, and my favorite thing, is that I collect stuffed animals. My husband, Ryan and I, always find a stuffed animal when we travel. We have so many. We've been doing it since we first got married.

We also just purchase them when we find a cute one or a good sale. Black Friday Shopping last year ended with us buying this five foot, huge stuffed teddy bear for only $10. It's one of my favorite things, ever.

I loved stuffed animals as a child, I only hope mine will love them as half as much as I did. Most of the ones we have are in a closet at my mom's house, but I do have a couple in my home right now.

Note: Cracker Barrel has large stuffed animals for only $10 during the holiday season. They're amazing.

This is just a little snapshot of how I handle infertility and the desire to grow my family. It'll happen one day, and when it does, I just want to make sure I have lots of books, stuffed animals and notes of love to my littles.


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