A blog about motherhood, hope and talking infertility. 

Megan Whitworth likes to describe her life as an unwritten story, still being told. 

In the summer of 2016 her story changed forever - Megan lost her baby at 12 weeks pregnant, a boy named Rowan. Not one to hide her story, nor the love for her son, Megan shares the ups and downs of dealing with pregnancy loss, her daily battle with grief, and finding hope on her blog, Rowan + hope.

Megan also shares her faith of Jesus Christ and the on-goings of her everyday life with readers, which can often be humorous and over dramatic, but always an adventure, she promises.

When she's not writing about her life, Megan shares the stories of East Texans through the newspaper, Houston County Courier, where she serves as editor. She also enjoys photographing people, laughing at her own jokes, missing the mountains, singing karaoke, and obsessing over her cats, Lucy and Felix. 

She resides in East Texas with her husband, Ryan.

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